Why Choose XEN?

A brief summary of why Xen is the right choice for you.

It is easy to get confused with the technology terms when choosing your first VPS.
The first thing to consider is not the price or resources but the virtualization platform. Do you need full virtualization or you can live with just OS level separation (Paravirtualization)?

XEN provides you with a full virtualization platform. It means that you have close to hardware (dedicated server) simulation. You get your own operating system instance and can install/delete/modify any packages and applications. You can install and configure your own application firewall and not depend on the provider to open/close the ports you need. You get your own dedicated hardware resources (RAM and HDD) and no one else can use them. Once you run out of RAM, XEN VM will start swapping and your VPS will be still available but running slower than normal.

When choosing between XEN and OpenvZ it is important to remember that they are different virtualization technologies and provide different levels of resource isolation. OpenVZ doesn’t use swap, instead it tries to allocate additional RAM resources from the hardware server itself. This is faster then using swap but your burstable RAM is never guaranteed, and if you need a stable virtual environment you don’t want to rely on it.

So in summarising all of the above, XEN gives you better resource separation and a more stable environment for you VPS and allows you to have close to real hardware resource emulation.

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