Data Centre

An overview of the specifications of our Data Centre.

Ordering a VPS package from VMotion you can always be sure that you get the best server grade hardware in the industry. All our servers have redundant power supply and are connected to the mesh of Ireland’s top three fibre internet providers which means that your servers are always powered and always on-line. For the full specifications of our collocation facilities, see the table below.
Our most demanding customers can avail of SLAs with up to 1 hour response time 24/7 for extra peace of mind.

Power Current Planned
Maximum Import Capacity 500kW 1.0MW
Transformer 1 x 10kV, 1MW Transformer 2 x 20kV, 1MW Transformer
Diesel Generator Backup FG Wilson 350kW / 400kVA 1.2MW
Minimum diesel storage 96 hours 96 hours
UPS 2 x 200kW GE Purepulse 8 x 200kW GE Purepulse
UPS Uptime >20 minutes >20 minutes
Design A and B power to every rack from separate UPS systems and separated sub distribution boards.
Connectivity – Carrier Neutral Current Planned
Telecoms Mast 24m 30m (subject to planning)
Fibre Duct 2 x eNet 1 x Eircom
1 x BT
2 x eNet 2 x Eircom
2 x BT 2 x UPC
Duct entry separation 35m 35m
POPs BT Node, Cogent, Smart, Tiscali,
Verizon, eNet
As required
Mesh Bandwidth
(minimum 3 providers)
Juniper Routers – J6350’s Juniper Firewalls – SSG320’s
Cisco Switches – 4948’s
Security Current Planned
Fire Detection Honeywell Honeywell
Fire Suppression Nitrogen Nitrogen
Camera Recording 15 Cameras x 60 Days 32 Camera x 60 Days
Air Conditioning Current Planned
Chillers 2 x 300kW Free-cooling Climaveneta 3 x 300kW Free-cooling Climaveneta
CRAHs 4 x 120kW Edpac 8 x 120kW Edpac
Design Chilled water x two circuits, cold aisle containment, and dynamic set-point chillers.
BMS Echelon

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